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Sometimes, a single lawsuit may involve multiple plaintiffs against one defendant. These plaintiffs may have been harmed by the same product, accident, environmental factors, etc. They can seek the help of a lawyer to file a mass tort with others who have also been affected.

The attorneys at Smith Shanklin Sosa, LLC have the experience and attention to detail to handle mass tort cases. We can pursue compensation for lost wages, medical bills and general suffering as a result of your injuries. These cases can be delicate, and our team is prepared to take on its demands and challenges.

What Is A Mass Tort?

A mass tort is a single claim against the responsible business, corporation, or individual in state or federal court. A “tort” refers to the intentional or unintentional wrongful act committed by the responsible party. A mass tort lawsuit involves multiple plaintiffs who have suffered injuries from the same cause, such as a defective product, unethical business practice, pharmaceutical or disaster. Instead of filing multiple lawsuits against the responsible defendant, the group of harmed individuals is represented in a single courtroom preceded by one judge.

Unlike class action lawsuits, mass torts often involve a smaller group of people from the same area. A mass tort is filed when individuals experience different injuries from the same cause, as opposed to a filing under a single “class” as they would in a class action lawsuit. In a mass tort case, you are treated as an individual plaintiff that must prove how the accused party injured you. Our team will work with you and each plaintiff to understand the exact circumstances of your injuries and the losses you have suffered as a result. We have the resources to investigate all individual claims and to build a case to ensure the defendant is held liable.

Types Of Mass Tort Cases

Mass tort cases can fall under a few different categories. We have listed the most common that may help you or a loved one determine if you have a case.

  • Disaster: You were involved in a large-scale accident, such as a bus, plane, or train crash or even a collapsed building.
  • Defective product or medical device: You have been injured by a product or medical device that was originally deemed as safe. These mass tort cases hold the responsible company liable.
  • Toxic: You have been exposed to a harmful chemical in your home, school or work environment. Toxic mass torts can also consist of hazardous chemical exposure from consumer products or pharmaceuticals.

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