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Injured In A Preventable Boating Accident? Let Our Attorneys Fight For You.

Louisiana’s many scenic lakes, rivers and waterways make recreational boating a popular pastime. Unfortunately, there are many boaters who don’t bother to follow even the state’s basic rules and regulations. Such negligent actions result in a significant number of boating accidents, injuries and drownings each year.

If you were injured or a loved one was killed because of another boater’s poor choices and actions, contact our attorneys at Smith Shanklin Sosa, LLC, in Baton Rouge. We have more than 40 years of combined experience, and our practice is almost entirely focused on personal injury law. We can help you seek accountability and compensation from the at-fault party and their insurance provider.

Common Causes Of Boat Accidents

Here are some of the most common factors that cause or contribute to boating accidents in Louisiana:

  • Inexperience and lack of knowledge: Anyone born after 1983 only needs to take a boating safety course to qualify as trained, and people as young as 16 can legally operate a personal watercraft. Many accidents – even lethal ones – can be attributed to lack of knowledge and experience.
  • Alcohol consumption: Just as drunk driving causes many automobile accidents, drunk boating causes injuries and deaths on the water. Because boating is a recreational activity, the temptation and opportunities to drink are arguably greater in a boat than in a car.
  • Overloaded boats: Those looking to have a party on the water may let too many passengers on their watercraft or carry too many supplies. This can lead to capsizing and other dangerous scenarios.
  • Overpowered boats: It is illegal to use an engine that is too large/powerful for the type of boat and its intended use. Boaters who “soup up” their watercraft endanger themselves, their passengers and all others on the water.
  • Distraction, speeding and reckless operation: Some of the most critical times for safety occur when traveling near other watercraft, riding through shallow waters, passing beach swimming areas and bringing the boat into the docking or mooring area. Unfortunately, many accidents happen in these scenarios because operators choose to speed or otherwise behave with reckless disregard for their safety and the safety of others.

Regardless of whether a boater has violated a specific law, the person who caused your accident can likely be held liable. This is because all watercraft operators owe a duty of care to others to operate their boat in a manner that minimizes the risk of crashes and injuries to others. Our attorneys will investigate the details of your accident and place blame where it belongs: with the at-fault party.

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