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Some businesses do not seem to value safety and fair dealing above profits. Time and time again, we have seen people suffer injuries and losses as a result of these business decisions. The attorneys at Smith Shanklin Sosa, LLC understand the complexity of litigating class action lawsuits.

Choosing A Class Action Attorney In Louisiana

Business decisions that put profits before people often result in cut corners, which can lead to multiple persons being harmed. When many individuals have suffered injury or loss at the hands of a company, a class action attorney can help ensure that they are fairly compensated for the associated costs and hardships. The attorneys at Smith Shanklin Sosa, LLC have knowledge and experience with class action lawsuits, having litigated major lawsuits including the following:

  • Exxon bad gasoline claims
  • PPG levee breach
  • Stolthaven chemical release
  • Sun drilling chemical release
  • Williams-Olefins plant explosion

What Is A Class Action Lawsuit?

With a class action lawsuit, individuals who have been physically or financially injured by a company’s actions or negligence sue the business as a single entity. Often, the defendant is a large corporation that would have nearly infinite resources to defend against a single injury claim. Because these cases may involve thousands of plaintiffs in different jurisdictions, class action suits are tried in a federal legal process called multi-district litigation. Class action lawsuits have succeeded in cases involving defective drugs and products, oil spills and other environmental disasters, and many other practice areas. They typically fall into one of four categories:

  • Securities, such as investment fraud
  • Personal injury or product liability, such as a plane crash in which many passengers are killed or injured
  • Employment, such as workplace discrimination or breaking other labor laws
  • Consumer protection issues, such as fraudulent late fees and other illegal charges

In this type of lawsuit, the group of plaintiffs, known as the class, is represented by one or more lead plaintiffs. The lead plaintiff and his or her attorney must demonstrate to a judge that the claim is valid and that his or her injuries are representative of those in the plaintiff class as a whole. Possible plaintiffs are notified about the lawsuit and can decide whether or not to participate.

Often, a class action lawsuit is settled out of court, with each class member receiving a percentage of the settlement. A class action suit reduces litigation time and costs and ensures that plaintiffs with similar injuries are treated consistently, including those who may not be able to afford their own attorneys.

Contact A Class Action Attorney

The team at Smith Shanklin Sosa, LLC has litigated many successful class action lawsuits and is familiar with the complex procedures involved with multi-district litigation. For a free consultation to determine whether you may have a case, contact us online or call to speak with one of our attorneys directly at 225-424-6094.