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These popular toys can cause house fires and death

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2023 | Product Liability

Plenty of the things that children and teenagers want to play with are actually dangerous. As a result, most parents know that they can’t let their children have unsupervised access to fireworks or recreational vehicles, no matter how much they beg. Adults also recognize that there are some toys that may be appropriate for older children but not for those who are younger. Many other popular gifts and possessions, like mobile devices and tablets, allow for multiple sources of risk and abuse if adults are not cautious.

Unfortunately, some of the trendiest items don’t seem as dangerous as they actually are until something goes horribly wrong. One of the most popular toys requested by older kids and teenagers in recent years is subject to a major recall because of two recent deaths.

What toy is undergoing a voluntary recall?

Hoverboards have been the source of recalls in the past, and sadly for the exact same reason that triggered this recent recall. Several years ago, there was a recall of thousands of hoverboards after a deadly fire.

History has unfortunately repeated itself. The Jetson Rogue self-balancing scooter is subject to recall because of a fatal fire. There are roughly 53,000 of these recalled boards in the United States, and many consumers may not hear about the recall quickly. Tragically, this recall only started after at least two people have lost their lives. A hoverboard caused a house fire in Pennsylvania that killed two minor children.

Recalls don’t end consumer rights

Just because a manufacturer recognizes that the company made a mistake and released an unsafe product to the public does not eliminate the liability the business has for the harm those products may have already caused.

Those who end up injured or coping with major property damage losses because of a product defect can often bring claims against the manufacturer, even when the manufacturer has since recalled that item. Simply allowing consumers to return defective products or paying to fix defective items is not an adequate solution if the situation resulted in someone’s death or a permanent injury.

Pursuing a product liability claim – with the assistance of a legal professional – against a business could compensate those who have been harmed by greedy and/or negligent corporate practices.