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What should I do after an auto accident in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2022 | Uncategorized

When there is an auto accident in Louisiana or anywhere else, people will be shocked, frightened and possible injured. In the immediate aftermath, they might be uncertain as to what to do. There are vital steps that need to be taken after a crash and even drivers who are limited in experience will be aware of them. Still, when there has been a crash, it is easy to forget. Not adhering to the basics can cause problems later.

In addition to not getting the other driver’s information, calling for law enforcement and seeking medical treatment, people might make the misstep of failing to have legal advice to determine the next step. Even accidents that do not seem serious could result in injuries that cause a litany of long-term problems. The pain and diagnosis might not come for several days or even weeks, making the failure to act quickly a challenge that will inhibit a potential legal claim. After the accident, it is critical to know what to do.

Steps to take after having an auto accident

There are fundamentals to remember immediately after the collision. First, those involved should check to see if anyone suffered injuries. That includes themselves and passengers in their vehicle. The vehicles should be moved from the busy roadway and placed in a location where it is safer. If it is on the highway, then the shoulder should be used. On a residential street, the vehicles should pull over, if possible. Law enforcement and emergency services should be called. Obviously, if people are injured and unable to call themselves, they should wait for help to arrive. The relevant information should be shared. That includes the driver’s license, insurance, registration and license plates.

Since just about everyone has access to a camera wherever they are, they should take pictures of the damage. Often, people will begin arguing as to whose fault it was. They might even have a physical confrontation. This is unwise. Waiting for law enforcement is the safest bet. The insurers should be contacted to inform them of the accident. This will get the collision on the record and can be helpful when trying to recover for property damage and injuries. Whether the person has noticeable injuries or not, it is important to seek medical attention. When there are broken bones, cuts, bruises, unconsciousness and worse, it is crucial to get medical care.

Legal assistance is also key after an auto accident

Seeking experienced guidance from those who care about their clients; are transparent in all aspects of the situation; have Spanish speakers; know how to assess a case; and keep those who were impacted by an accident up to date every step of the way can give peace of mind and be critical from the start. This is especially imperative for people who have suffered serious injuries, are amassing huge medical bills, face a loss of income and do not know what to do next.

If, for example, a woman was driving her children to school and heading to work after dropping them off is rear-ended and suffers whiplash in the auto accident, her entire family and livelihood could be compromised. Knowing what steps are available is essential. These incidents are unexpected and life-changing. With that, it is key to have assistance with the law. Having caring representation can help from the start.