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Common Types of Injuries Incurred in Car and Truck Accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Firm News

During a transportation accident, the occupants of a vehicle remain in motion until they hit a restraint. This may possibly be an airbag, seatbelt, steering wheel, door, or dashboard. Unfortunately, this sudden impact often results in minor or severe injuries to various body parts. The intensity of the injuries suffered depends on the nature of the collision, the direction of the car, and airbag functionality. More than often, car and truck accidents leave victims with medical bills, emotional trauma, and permanent medical conditions, necessitating the need for compensation. Here are various types of injuries that are common to car and truck accidents.

Broken Bones

Due to limited space in vehicles, any form of collision will inevitably press the body against various vehicle parts. This excessive force can cause breakage of arms, collarbones, legs, and the rib cage, as well as the displacement of different bones from their joints. Depending on the extent of the injury, the victim may require surgery, assistive care, or therapy to recover from the injuries. More so, some limb injuries may necessitate amputation to save the victim’s life. Additionally, these injuries can render a victim unable to work, increasing the financial burden required for recovery. Therefore, a victim should hire an auto accident attorney to file a claim against the party at fault to seek compensation.

Head Injuries

A sudden change in the direction of a vehicle or stoppage causes occupants of a car to hit their head against seats, steering wheels, or doors. Hence, a car occupant may suffer cuts on the face, a broken nose, concussion, or a jaw dislocation. More so, a severe impact on the head can cause the tearing of a blood vessel in the brain or brain tissue, leading to possible brain damage. However, if an occupant receives medical attention immediately after the accident and undergoes tests, proper treatment or surgery can save one from permanent brain damage.

Soft Tissue Injuries and Cuts

Most accident victims experience lower and upper back injuries caused by forceful stretching of tendons, ligaments, and muscles during an accident. They are depicted in the form of sprains and whiplash. Furthermore, shattered glass, dashboard-mounted GPS, and other glass objects in a vehicle during a crash may pierce or cut the skin of the occupants. In most cases, the victims suffer relatively minor scrapes and cuts that require minimal medical attention. However, in severe cases, a victim can suffer deep cuts termed as lacerations and experience severe blood loss.

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