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Three Critical Steps to Take After a Commercial Truck Accident

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2019 | Firm News

The serious injuries caused by a commercial truck accident can wreak havoc on your health, happiness, and livelihood. Although any auto accident can cause significant injury and property loss, the risk of financial and human costs are significantly multiplied when a commercial truck collides with a passenger car. These trucks typically weigh about 20 times more than the average passenger car and may carry hazardous or flammable cargo. Take these steps if you or a loved one is involved in a truck accident to help assist you in receiving the deserved compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other associated costs.

Seek Safety

Call 911 for medical attention and report the details of the incident, including your location, the direction in which the involved vehicles were traveling, the type of collision, and whether any parties are injured. If you are able to move away from the accident and off the roadway, do so as soon as possible. Fuel or oil leaks can cause an explosion. Even if injuries aren’t immediately apparent, a doctor should examine everyone involved shortly after the crash.

Document the Scene

While you’re waiting for police and medical personnel, take photographs of the incident, including images that show the damage sustained and the license plate details of all vehicles. Capture the collision from all angles and make sure to photograph the roadway surrounding the crash if you can do so without getting too close. Talk to witnesses at the scene and write down their names and addresses so you can provide this information to police.

Call an Attorney

An experienced auto accident lawyer can guide you through the process of reporting the accident to your insurance company and help to negotiate a settlement that may cover the full scope of personal injuries and property damage associated with the incident. Do not sign anything at the scene or agree to a settlement amount without seeking legal guidance and a getting comprehensive medical examination. Avoid speaking to other insurance companies or claims adjusters.

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