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Five Gimmicks in Legal Advertising That Raise a Red Flag

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2019 | Firm News

An experienced personal injury attorney can help clients get the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, many lawyers who take on personal injury cases attempt to attract business with gimmicky ads that don’t necessarily reflect their actual abilities or services. People who are seeking legal advice after they’ve been hurt should be aware of these advertising tactics.

Call “ME”

Make sure you know who “ME” is. Some advertising firms have a “celebrity” lawyer who appears in all of their ads.  Most likely the guy on TV will not be the one handling your case. Clients will rarely hear from or meet with the person they see in commercials or on billboards.

Easy Phone Numbers

Do your research and don’t blindly call an easy number because you remember it from a flashy ad.

Big Numbers

The circumstances of each personal injury case are unique. Just because a law firm negotiated a multi-million dollar settlement for one client doesn’t mean that other clients will recover a similar amount.  Although it is important to know a firm’s successes in litigating/negotiating large awards/settlements, the big numbers on TV do not tell the full story and should not be the sole reason for hiring a particular law firm.

Free Consultations

Almost every personal injury law firm will offer a potential clients a free consultation to assess the strength of their claim. Some personal injury firms will have a non-lawyer meet with you for an initial consultation.  This “investigator” may charge mileage for going to your home for the consultation. Be very wary of extra costs some firms will charge to sign you up and non-attorney’s meeting with you to go over your claim.

“No Fee Guarantee” or “We Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid”

For personal injury claims, most firms work on a contingency basis, meaning that they’re paid a percentage of a settlement or judgment in the case. Like offering free consultations, stating that they won’t get paid until their client does isn’t something that sets law firms apart from their competitors.

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