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There are two comments we hear frequently from people we meet with for the first time: 

"I don't like lawyers."

"I am not the type of person to sue."

Having been in this profession for many years, the attorneys at Smith Shanklin Sosa understand these feelings.  Lawyers are not portrayed in the best light on social media, comedy, advertisements, and television shows.  Throughout life, we are told to be suspicious of lawyers.  Particularly, attorneys who practice personal injury are often referred to as "ambulance chasers."  Even worse, some politicians have demanded "Tort Reform" claiming that personal injury lawyers are ruining businesses. 

There is not a "type" of person that sues. Facing a debilitating injury and pursuing an action against those responsible takes courage.  We fight for clients everyday that have suffered serious injuries or death because companies determined profit was more valuable than the person injured. We continue to fight against businesses that have allowed a product on the market that is dangerous to the public.  We have been and continue to be involved in litigation that benefits the public as a whole. Many safety devices that the public benefits from today have been developed as a response to litigation. 

If you or a family member has been injured, we would like you to come meet with us for a free consultation. At this in person meeting or over the telephone, we will address your concerns about hiring an attorney and/or your apprehension to bring a claim or action against the party that injured you.  We invite you to come prepared with questions that are important to you.  Smith Shanklin Sosa provides a link on this website for potential clients to download: Attorney Checklist. This checklist provides you with important questions you should ask any attorney before you hire them to represent you for your personal injury.

At Smith Shanklin Sosa, we like to get to know our clients because it helps us to understand the hurdles they face as a result of an injury. We understand that the majority of people do not like the thought of being involved in a suit against another person or business. The attorneys at Smith Shanklin Sosa will evaluate your claim with you to ensure you understand the process of making a claim from start to finish. Then you can decide what is in your best interest.